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Few days ago I went to marketing event in Goa.

There I made a new friend – David Cassar and we talked a lot about marketing, sales and ways to drive traffic to our websites.

30 minutes into our chat and I learnt this guy has generated over $4 million in sales using Google ads traffic spending VERY LITTLE on getting clicks.

Another hour into our conversation, I learnt that he has actually made everything into a PROCESS of how he drives traffic from Google ads to his sites & offers.

Not just that, he has also turned his PROCESS into a SOFTWARE that generates thousands of “high click and converting ads” that you can use on Google, Bing and Yahoo to drive traffic to your sites at dirt cheap prices.

I went ahead and found his software on the internet.

I went to his sales page and bought it at full price.

Next – I spent the next couple hours TESTING IT.


The sales kept coming…

All I had to do was use his software to churn out more ads and keep them going.

Next day I met him again and CONGRATULATED HIM.

We even took a selfie – I was so impressed with his software…

David’s software + Training is called PPC Kit.

He normally sells it for $97/mo

BUT over the course of the week I spent at the event in Goa.

I met David a few times and convinced him to offer an AMAZING DEAL to my customers.

So he agreed to drop the price – BY A LOT.


This is by far one of the best products to drive traffic from Google / Bing to your site.

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Ankur Shukla