Send Unlimited Emails, Import Unlimited Leads + My 15 BONUS LetsMailApps for You

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My friends Brett and Mike have been using their brand new Email software to send unlimited emails, import unlimited leads without any restrictions.

And the best part is – its completely hosted on your website so you never have to pay a monthly fees and you can never get banned by other services.

TODAY – LetsMail just opened its doors & you can get it for a ONE TIME PRICE for sending unlimited emails, importing unlimited leads & get 10x better email delivery.

This Costs 95% less than the all other email services I have seen.

actual product


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The #1 thing I like about LetsMail is that it’s 100% hosted by you on your web-hosting so you can promote anything you want – Affiliate marketing offers, CPA offers, MLM offers – you won’t get kicked off for promoting these kinds of offers. (other services kick you out, trust me, I know)

This is built by marketers – for marketers so you can be confident of sending promotions.


smart technology


Now LetsMail is great for sending emails and promotions but it lacks a lot of advanced features that I would like a software to have in 2020…

BUTย don’t worry. I brought you the solution too.

I decided to create a collection of TOOLS & Apps called LetsMailAPPS just for you
so that makes the whole LetsMail system complete…

And I am giving it to YOU as a FREE UPGRADE – All 15 Apps for FREE.

People who do not get the LetsMailApps will have an incomplete package

But not you.

Because you will get my 15 LetsMailApps FREE UPGRADE ๐Ÿ™‚ย  ย (details below)


BE THE FIRST TO GET THIS + My 15 Special LetsMail APPS Only for YOU

YES I’ve created 15 special Email Apps that you can use with LetsMail

This is the LetsMailApps Suite that you can use for unlimited emails.

software system

This 15 APPS BONUS is something you cannot get anywhere.

I made these 15 APPS FOR YOU. These are guaranteed to get you more clicks, more opens & more sales / more money from your emails…

=== MY 15 LetsMail APPS YOU GET TODAY ====

LetsMail App #1 – Headline / Good Subject Line Generator App
Create amazing blog headlines or email subject lines for more clicks & more opens.
You can use this with LetsMail for the highest open rates.

LetsMail App #2 – Email Formatter App
Emails get read if you format them correctly. If it is messed up, you will lose the interest of your readers – this app does the perfect formatting for any email and gets you results.

LetsMail App #3 – Spammy Subject Checker App
If you email subject is spammy you email will end up in the spam folder, getting you no results and no clicks. You can use this app to check before you send another email.

LetsMail App #4 – Spam Words Checker App
Many times, without really knowing about it you might put words in your email that will make gmail or hotmail think its spammy – this app will tell you what words you should change and avoid the spam box & get more clicks – very very useful.

LetsMail App #5 – Email Countdown App
Insert scarcity and urgency into your emails with a LIVE ticking counter that ticks inside the email you send out – this is an amazing app that will 10x your results from emails.


LetsMail App #6 – Gmail Preview App
Gmail is the most popular email program with over a billion users. If you are sending out an email it helps to LOOK at a PREVIEW of how it will look on desktop and mobile devices & optimize for it to get more open and clicks.

LetsMail App #7 – Email List Cleaner App
Bad emails on your list can affect your delivery. There are many paid list cleaning services that charge a lot of clean your list, this app is no extra fees and works just as good. Clean your list with this and have better delivery, more traffic from email & more sales.

LetsMail App #8 – Email Magic App
This is one of my favorite apps – this app will dynamically insert the NAME of your reader into an IMAGE so they will see it on a Tshirt or a coupon code or a greeting card, makes a great impression and people like FRANK KERN use this technique to 10x their email.

LetsMail App #9 – Spam Score for Email App
It is very important to avoid having your email land in the spam folder. That’s why we use a smart technology to determine if you email will end up there – this app does just that and tells you BEFORE you even send you email if it will go into spam so you can fix it.

LetsMail App #10 – Email Emoji App
EMOJI ๐Ÿ™‚ gives you higher opens on your emails yet many autoresponders do not have a way to add emoji to your subject lines, LetsMail does not have this feature thats why this app is perfect to add Emoji to your subject lines and get higher opens.

LetsMail App #11 – Disposable Email Checker App
Many people will put a fake disposable email in your optin page just to get your freebie gift. That messes up your delivery so its important to remove them from your list. This app does exactly that, gets rid of the fake emails so you have better delivery.

LetsMail App #12 – Email Ideas App
Want more ideas about subject lines and topics to write in your email, enter one keyword and you’ll get 50 different ideas for your emails ๐Ÿ™‚ very useful app.

BONUS #13 – EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS FOR YOU – My $100K Emails You Can Copy.
I have made over $100K this year by sending out emails for various products. These promotions have been very profitable. Once you get LetsMail, you will need to promote offer to make money – I’ll give you the EXACT emails I sent out that made me $100K in affiliate income so you can copy them and make more money ๐Ÿ™‚

actual product

This is a VERY Valuable BONUS – only for the first 25 people who claim this.

BONUS #14 – My Brand New Link Machine Plugin (never sold before)

The easiest way to get the right people to your offer promotion is posting your affiliate links on Facebook, maybe on your profile or in various FB groups or fanpages, go where the targeted audience already is. BUT – Facebook has decided to BLOCK affiliate links from networks like JVzoo, Clickbank and Warriorplus too in many cases.

Thats why I created LINK MACHINE – add your links to this software, it gives you a new smarter affiliate link that will NOT get blocked by facebook and lets you post affiliate links from networks like JVzoo, Clickbank and Warriorplus without any problem.

I have never sold this before – you get unlimited sites license to this valued at $47 today.

BONUS #15 – My Brand New Video Offer Pages Plugin (never sold before)

The fastest way to make people buy from you, whether it is your own product or an affiliate offer is to SHOW them what they are getting. But putting together the right type of high converting page is hard. Thats why I created my software – Video Offer Pages that instantly creates a countdown based, mobile friend video offer page that you can use as a promotion page, sales page or an upsell page. I have never sold this before and you get unlimited sites license to this valued at $47 today.

These 15 APPS are perfect for any online marketer using email marketing.

If they had added these INSIDE LetsMail it would be soooo much better.

And that’s why I CREATED THEM FOR YOU so you can 10x your email marketing.

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actual product



I’ve spent over $1500 in developing these 15 Apps for you.

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You will be able to use them for your clients, create unlimited client accounts on the LetsMailApps system.

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You can even rebrand the system to your own brand by adding your logo.

You can charge any amount you want for these, $99 to $997 one time or even monthly or yearly, its completely upto you – make more money from my Apps & profit ๐Ÿ™‚

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How can you make MONEY with this…

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====== CONCLUSION =======

Email marketing gives the BEST ROI when it comes to $$ spent.

FACT – every $1 spent on email marketing brings back $34

Every other autoresponder out there is EXPENSIVE.

It’s tieing you into recurring – charging you for LEADS and CONTACTS.

LETSMAIL is different, better delivery and amazing features for a ONE time price.

PLUS you get to control everything, unlimited imports, unlimited contacts, no limits.

This LAUNCH SPECIAL PRICE is a great time to get your access along with my 15 LetsMail Apps that will help you get MORE results out of every email you send.

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Other marketers are going to give you standard bonuses that may not have much to do with the actual product itself.

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PS – if you have any questions, feel free to email me at
and I will respond back.

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