Welcome to Product Profits Partnership™

Partner with Ankur to create an online business
that pays you for years to come…

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme so if you want to
make money quickly within days or weeks, this is NOT for you.

If you have the mindset that building a profitable business is a result of consistent work and growth, if you understand that you need to spend money to make money then read on…

Product Profits Partnership™ is a partnership with Ankur where we help you create your first software product from coming up with an idea to a working product, building a sales funnel and then to getting real paying customers for it.


Creating a product and releasing it involves a lot of headaches, which is why 99% of people do not do it or even if they buy courses to learn it – they never take action. You have to hire programmers, designers, testers, graphics & UI people, and customer support staff. You have to spend a lot of time and effort in getting  them to work together on your idea – that is a LOT of work which may or may not result in success.



Our goal is to take all that headache away, we will hire all the people needed to execute this, manage the development, design, execution and marketing end to end to help you build a business that can profit both of us. Together we will create an ASSET that will bring us sales for years to come. Throughout the entire process, our team will work with you on ideation, planning, designing, developing and launching of the software product to bring you sales. 

Deliverables from Ankur & team include:

  1. Coming up with the product idea in the right niche using current market trends, hot topics and popular niches.
  2. Two one-on-one meetings per month for the next 90 days for planning, designing and developing the idea & creating a product funnel that will maximize sales and income for us.
  3. An in-depth session where we discuss the sales funnel for the product launch and pricing strategies for the product funnel.
  4. We will create all the sales pages, delivery pages and required marketing pages for the launch.
  5. We will create all the training videos for the customers to use the product and provide customer support via our helpdesk for the buyers.
  6. We will create all the marketing videos including sales videos, upsell videos, downsell videos for the sales funnel pages.
  7. We will reach out to OUR TOP AFFILIATES to promote the launch and recruit them to send emails to bring in sales during the launch.
  8. We will write all the required emails that affiliates can use for their promotion, create bonuses they can use to give away as part of their promotion and graphics for ads.
  9. We will create a bundle offer that is priced between $197 to $297 to sell to the buyers.
  10. We will be the first affiliate to promote the offer internally to our audience to drive the initial sales to the offer.
  11. We will provide you with extensive training to build relationships with new affiliates, reach out to them and get them to promote the product so they can earn commissions and we can make more sales. 


    If you can use Facebook, Email, Whatsapp and basic internet communication to reach out to bloggers, affiliates and various other promoters, you can make this work, this will only need an hour a day of your time or even less. This way, even if you bring 1-2 more people to promote the product, we will both make more sales together.



We will help you come up with the product idea, refine it, design the offer, create the sales pages, the sales funnel, the marketing pages, marketing videos, customer training videos and provide customer support from our team for this product launch. We will also run the product sales part of it, run the webinar for our audience to buy this product offer, help recruit affiliates, train you to work on getting more and more people onboard and together we will get them to promote and make a lot  of sales together.

This will be an ongoing 50-50 partnership, after all fees and commissions are paid out, between you and our company for as long as we want to keep it that way and if at any point we SELL this product to another company as an EXIT, we will share the profits from the exit in the same ratio. We will co-own the product as partners for the lifetime of this product.

In the past we have sold multiple products this way and made multiple six figures in exit value for us and our partners.

But we are very selective about who we work with which is why we have a 100% success rate so far.

To move forward, you will get on a qualification call with Ankur to see if we can work together as partners or not.

It is important that you go into this with the right mindset about building a business together, this is not a get rich quick scheme. We are building a real business here.

You will be working with someone who has generated over $12 Million in sales in the last few years & you will bbe expected to take action on what you learn.

“An investment in yourself pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

So, if you’re wondering, has this worked for other people before you…

I strongly recommend you watch these videos below…

Here’s what our earlier partners who teamed up with Ankur to create products and release them together say about him…

Our Goal of this Partnership is to…

  • Generate $30,000 in sales within the first 12 months of product launch.
  • Sell continuously for 5yrs and bring in over $150K in sales.
  • If we sell this product as a business for 3x to 5x of yearly revenue to a bigger company and get an EXIT = another $150K for us as partners.
  • Profit together massively as business partners.

Now I am sure you are wondering, what does this program cost?

We will discuss the pricing on the Zoom call once you book one using the link below, it will depend on your skills, experience and what you can bring into this partnership.

This Partnership Program will build you a business that will bring you sales for years to come and make sales while you sleep.


SPOTS ARE LIMITED : As you can see this is going to be a very time intensive work for us as we do all the hard work here, that’s why we have very limited spots.

We can only work with 10 people 6 people this year who are serious about taking action, investing in themselves and in growing their income.

If that is you, then start by booking a call with Ankur below…

Book Your Call with Ankur here

During the call, if it turns out that you are a fit for this program, you will be asked to make a decision to lock in your seat in this program because we can only accept a very small number of people into this program this year (which is how we are always able to deliver and bring success to our partners). As you can see there is a lot of work from our end involved so we cannot accept everyone.

Take action now before all the spots are gone.

If you have any questions, email me directly at copyankur@gmail.com