How My Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Made Over $3,000 Last Month: My Site & Strategies Revealed!

Hey everyone, its spencer hawes here with niche pursuits comm and today i’m gonna show you how much money my amazon affiliate site has made it’s, one that I & # 39. Ve talked about a lot in the past. It’s, only yard comm, so I’m gonna walk through the monthly income report that I just published here for the earnings for March of 2020 for that particular niche site.

Now I’m, going to obviously reveal everything I’m, showing the income stats. I’m gonna show the traffic stats. I’m, showing you the site itself, so you can go and check it out. The main reason that I do this is because I believe that there’s, a lot of value for you as the watcher and listener to go and look in an example site.

So if you’re trying to build up a niche site, this is one you can go check out. You can see the exact strategies that I’ve done, and now you’re gonna know exactly how much money it’s making. So I recently just published this income report, so my main blog is niche pursuits comm, but I’ve, been doing this public case study on this site that I built from scratch.

I built I started the site about eighteen months ago on the yard. Comm and I & # 39, ve showed every step of the process along the way, and so now I’m gonna share with you exactly how much the site is made.

So the total earnings for march of 2020 was $ 3,195.77 owned. It’s spring and summer search traffic for those particular terms really start to take off, and so that started to happen in summer last year and then over the fall and winter there was a little bit of a lull, and then it had a Big month, as you can see this spike here, it had a big month that was December, and so I actually don’t.

Look at this as a bad. There was a dip in earnings back down to you, know twelve or thirteen hundred dollars, but that it actually was a climb from September October November and then January and February were actually higher.

There was just this nice jump in December because of Christmas, but now that spring is actually here three thousand one hundred ninety five dollars and excellent. So where did the earnings come from? Well, the main driver of revenue is Amazon earnings.

So if you take a look at this screenshot, you can see that one thousand seven hundred and forty one dollars and seventy two cents came from the Amazon Associates program and I’m gonna dive into the site here and show you exactly how That works so that’s where that came from and then also there are display ads on the site and so in total, and I use a zoic to power the display ads.

These are like Google Adsense ads and that came at 1450 $ 3.62. So if you look at that graph, you can see that. So let me take a break here and just show you how the site itself is monetized. So here is on the yard, comm and if I come in, let’s.

Just click on my trampoline article right, so a lot of my articles are affiliate keyword, type articles, so trampolines, so somebody types in best trampolines into Google. I hope that they find my article and come on over to my site and read this, so you can see that there’s, two ways that it’s.

This articles, monetized one, is the display ads. A lot of these are powered by the Google ad network, but azoic is the engine that optimizes and places those really. So it sees oeq ads that’s. How I make the money right, so you can see as I scroll down there’s, lots of display outs on the side, so I make money whether or not anybody clicks on these.

These are truly just display ads now. The other ways that I make money – and I make more money – is if they click on my affiliate link. So at the top of each of my articles, I have a comparison table, so this is table Labs.

It again is my tool in case you’re unaware. If somebody clicks on this to buy the Zoo, Papa trampoline, that’s. My affiliate link right there on the yard tables right that’s telling me, so I can track who’s, clicking on my tables and buying.

So if anybody buys within 24 hours of clicking I make money, then I also have these product boxes. Let me find one that shows a little bit better. Here we go. This product boxes is powered by a AWP. I also use Amma links Pro to power.

Some of these product boxes and buttons, and then you can see on some of my articles – I have additional buttons that you can click and go over, so I just wanted to show you how the site itself works, but let’s dive in to The actual income report a little bit more so now that you know that it’s made 30, almost thirty two hundred dollars there’s.

A couple of interesting things to talk about. One is the kovat concern, so we are in a pandemic with the coronavirus kovat 19. In early March. I actually thought that the traffic to my site was declining in and it was declining across all my sites.

More and more people. I believe we’re searching for coronavirus, related things and were not searching for you know, trampolines or croquet sets or other things. So, for the first couple of weeks of March, the traffic actually across all my affiliate sites was down 10 to 20 percent or more.

However, I believe – and again this is just conjecture – that as more people were forced to stay indoors, they were quarantined there’s, been a stay at home thing. Now, for a few weeks, more people are searching online for things other than coronavirus.

They’ve kind of accepted the faith that we’re in for the first couple of weeks, which again it’s unfortunate. But it’s fortunate for my particular site and that there’s. More people searching now they’re at home, and I believe that the traffic, in addition to the seasonality is beginning to increase.

Even more again, I don’t know exactly across the board if traffic is higher. This has never happened before the one thing that I will say is that the EPM V on a zoic is actually declining, and that’s.

This chart here so advertisers are a little bit more worried about coronavirus and other things that are happening happening right now, and so they’re, not paying as much for ads and because of that display ads on a per visitor basis is lower their Earnings on a per visitor basis – and so you can see this – I was up in the 21 to 25 range earlier in the month and now that has dropped to the 14.

It’s, hard to say here but 17. So actually, I’m earning less on display ads than I was before, and that is because of the uncertainty in the marketplace. Advertisers aren’t willing to pay quite as much so.

My earnings actually would have been higher with ease oeq had this all not been going on, but it’s hard to counterbalance that because I don’t know if my traffic actually is higher because of that. So let’s dive into traffic, so here is a screenshot of March.

You can see it’s grown tremendously since the beginning of the month, like I said there was kind of a lull there for the first couple of weeks and then the second half of the month. Things really started to uptick.

I believe that the majority of that is because of the seasonality spring is here the end of March. People are wanting to go outdoors. They’re wanting to play games in their backyard or do gardening, or look for those yard tools and that’s.

A lot of the articles that my website is producing now, if I am to look at just the, I believe this is the organic traffic. Let’s, see here. Oh sorry, this is the life of the website. You can see what’s happened.

It’s, just kind of cool to look at and to know what to expect the first six months are really slow. It kind of peaked up in the summer had the winter months, and now it’s, definitely shooting up quite a bit and then overall organic traffic.

This is the really exciting thing you can see that it’s. Truly, the organic traffic traffic from Google is what is driving the growth of this website. Just look at that hockey. Stick that’s, that’s about as good as it gets right there.

Pinterest traffic is also important and it is growing, but it’s significantly less right, so I had about 10,000 visitors from Pinterest in March, whereas I had 60,000 visitors. So over six times about six times the number of visitors is coming from organic traffic.

So I’ll, keep working on that 73 % of the traffic is coming from organic sources overall, all right. So what are the content strategies that have really worked for my website? There’s been a couple of things that have worked really really well all right now.

One of those things is certainly focusing on those longtail keywords that I & # 39. Ve talked about so a lot of affiliate keywords. I’ve. Also done a lot of informational articles, but the sheer volume of the content that I’ve started to produce is what I want to talk about.

So the approach I’ve, really taken with on the yard. Comm is to produce a ton of articles targeting longtail keywords, and then I hope that they rank in Google without any links is really the the main idea.

And so, if you look at this chart, you can see how many articles I’ve added to the site. You can see that for a while I was doing 10 20 for the most part. That was for the first year. I was doing you know, somewhere in the range of 10 to 20 articles per month.

I really ramped that up as I wanted to see the site take off, and so I started doing 50 to 60 a month over the last four to five months. You can see overall, I produced four hundred and ninety eight articles, that’s, a lot of content, and I know that I know it’s a lot, but I also know that we’re now.

Finally, hitting the springtime and the summer time where these articles are really gonna pay off big-time and honestly, even a site with 500 articles, it sounds like a lot and it is, but I know there’s other sites that are much larger larger.

I know web site owners that have 10,000 20,000 or 30,000 articles on their site, and so I’m thinking, really big with on the yard. It’s, not gonna just be a 3,000 or 5,000 dollar a month earner. I hope I I want it to be significantly larger than that.

So a couple of the strategies that I’ve used, I’ll. Just have you look up my question based keywords, video I created specifically for YouTube. I’ve done a lot of question based keywords like: can I shoot a possum in my backyard.

Can I have an alpaca in my backyard? Can you eat squirrel from your backyard and those are shorter articles? So I’m, not spending as much money. Those are often a thousand words 1,200 words, maybe 1500 words, and so that’s been a huge majority of the articles.

When I say I & # 39, ve done 50 articles. In a month they’ve, been the shorter variety there, and I’m, often ranking number one in Google and getting great traffic and making money from that ease. Oa kerning so watch that question based keywords: video, the other one is internal.

Linking I again I produced a video where I shared all the internal linking strategies that I followed. Basically, I’m trying to find those orphaned posts, those posts that don’t have any internal links pointing to them and then building those internal links, and I’ve, been using link whisperer link.

Whisperer is my tool for internal, linking it makes it much faster, much easier to find those orphan post and to build those internal links. I’ve, seen significant increases in rankings. By doing that now you may be thinking okay, great! You’ve made $ 3,000, but how much money have you spent? And so I’m gonna share that with you here’s, the profit and loss statement? I’m a I’m.

An open book here here’s, the graphic here I’ll. Let you go through all the numbers. The majority of the money I’m spending is on writers. I’ve spent about thirty eight thousand dollars on content over the last 18 19 months, and so I’m actually in the hole about $ 3,600, not thirty, six, thirty, six thousand dollars which again I know it sounds like a lot, But I am taking the long-term view here.

I truly believe that this site is going to make much much more than 3,000 or 4,000 dollars a month in the very near future, and so I’m going to quickly make up all those expenses. I really do believe that, and so yeah is.

Is it worth it to do? All that you know I’ve now got a site making $ 3,200 a month. If I were to sell that site on the yard, calm, I could probably get anywhere. I I think, 33 to 36 times the monthly earnings, and so that’s a little bit over $ 100,000 that I could now sell the site for so if I can sell a site for $ 100,000 and so far my my net loss is $ 36,000, that if I were to sell that, that would give me a profit of about 63 thousand dollars, and so I actually, I’m sitting on a valuable asset, even though it the numbers show that hey, I’ve spent.

All this money, so I personally just you know I believe it’s very much worth it, but I know again it’s, a long game. It’s gonna take a long time. The other big thing is, I want to talk about the positive trends, so here is a Google Trends screen shot for the topic back yards.

You can see the peaks in the valleys, the springtime and the summertime it Peaks up in about June, and so in March. I’m, just barely climbing up out of this valley, and so my traffic should increase significantly.

Even if I don & # 39, t write any new articles or gain any new Google rankings, because more and more people are going to be searching in April May June July. So I can’t predict, but if I would have bet my earnings are going to be significantly higher than 3200 dollars come May June and July for two reasons: one the trend and the other one is all that content that I put out.

Two three four months ago is just barely getting found right now in Google. So I & # 39. Ve got a couple hundred articles that are just now gonna start, making an impact. So you know I I can’t predict exactly how much the site’s gonna grow, but I think I’m in a really good spot.

Overall. How big can this site get five to ten thousand dollars a month? I really do believe is just scratching the surface. Will it get to 10,000 20,000 or 50,000 dollars a month? I don’t know I I hope so I believe they can absolutely get there.

I think that $ 3,000 a month is just scratching the surface. I do plan on investing and reinvesting over the next two to three years, because I believe there’s a lot of runway. I can cover so many more topics.

Besides yard games, I haven’t even really scratched the surface with backyard design here or gardening animals backyard gear, so much more swimming pools, barbecues, backyard, furniture, more tools – I’m, really just scratching the surface with this niche website.

So, overall there you have it that’s, the income report for own the yard com. That shows you exactly what a site looks like that’s, an Amazon affiliate site that’s, making over $ 3,000 a month. You can check out the site and look at it.

I believe I’m in a really good spot. It’s growing. It’s trending properly, but please do watch the other videos on question based keywords: the internal linking video and just check out on the yard and see what I’m.

Doing please don’t copy, my keywords, but it would take you a lot to copy everything, because I published 500 articles so that’s. The nice thing I don’t have just one article: that’s. Earning me all the money, so I hope you found some value in this video.

Hopefully you found it motivating and inspirational and gives you some ideas of how you can grow your own website. But overall, if you & # 39, ve enjoyed this video and want to see more content like this.

Please subscribe to my youtube channel, go ahead and hit that subscribe button and the Bell notifications, so you’ll, get notified when I publish something new but overall thanks again for watching and if you want more go to niche pursuits com.


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