Launch Your Own Marketplace & I’ll Send You FREE TRAFFIC to Your Site

What is this about & how do you get free traffic?

A new platform just released called Marketpresso that lets you create your own FIVERR like gigs/services site that sells services & makes money. This is very cool.

You’re going to get a lot of emails today about it so you’ll hear a lot about what this product does and how it works so I’ll not bore you with the details & features.

Fiverr made $75 MILLION in 2018 from taking small cuts from every seller on their site.

Platforms like Fiverr charge 20% to 30% of every sale from the buyer and make a lot of money in the process. MarketPresso is a great way to create your own site like Fiverr without any crazy fees, sell gigs at a premium price, outsource it for cheap and then pocket the difference. (or you can sell your own services too) like many people do. You can see a DEMO of a site created by this platform over here.

I highly recommend buying this today as you can get it for a ONE TIME price only and it allows you to launch your own FIVERR like website and sell small services and products – takes just 5 minutes to launch a new marketplace for yourself. DEMO HERE

I strongly believe in creating more and more online assets that create ways for other people to PAY YOU – more order buttons in the world means you can get paid more and more every single day. This is what it does for you.

I’ll add all the details below – all the features that MarketPresso comes with.

But what I want to talk to you today about are the BONUSES I’m giving you today.


BONUS #1 – GETTING TRAFFIC – this will be the #1 problem for you after you launch your new marketplace or website. How will you drive traffic to your new site?

My Solution – I will SEND YOU TRAFFIC, yes over 2000 visitors from my own sources of traffic that will give you the BOOST you need for your new fiverr like website 🙂

BONUS #2 – Learn How ONE Guy made $33,000 from Fiverr  – $297 Value

Copy his success model and make yourself more successful by launching your marketplace site – if he made $33K – can you make $5000 copying him?

BONUS #3 – UNCOVER the Fiverr Business Model – $497 Value

When you want to run a site like Fiverr, it is important to understand how they run their business and made $75 MILLION last year. See their business broken down and understand how you can make your own marketplace earn more money.


(The above BONUSES are limited to the first 50 buyers)


Are there any Upgrades to Marketpresso?

Yes – the frontend version allows you to create a limited number of fiverr like sites but if you get the UNLIMITED OTO1 Upgrade, you can launch Unlimited sites + many other PRO features that you can see here.

Do you get MORE bonuses if you get the OTO1 Unlimited upgrade from my link?

YES of course, here is what I will give you when you get the OTO1 Upgrade from my link today…

BONUS #4 – MORE THAN DOUBLE YOUR TRAFFIC – I know you can never have enough traffic, so I’ll be giving you more of this. 

You will get additional 5000 visitors from my traffic sources sent to your new fiverr site made with marketpresso so you can make even more sales and more money from your marketpresso site. So added with the first purchase this gives you a total of 7000 visitors from my traffic sources sent to your site.


Yes, I will not limit your traffic to just the Fiverr like marketpresso site but you can actually use this traffic for any other site you want. We can rotate all your traffic across 2 or 3 sites so you can use my BONUS for any other site you have as well 🙂 

BONUS #6 – BEST GIGS From Fiverr + How to Outsource Them For Cheap.

There are many gigs on fiverr that sell very well and make a lot of money. You can just COPY THEM and add to your site at a premium price then outsource the same tasks for cheap. I’ll give you the COMPLETE LIST of GIGS & SELLERS you can add to your site in more than 10 different categories and where you can outsource them for cheap.

Your site visitors will order the gig from your marketplace for $25, you can outsource it for $5 or $10 and the difference is your PROFIT. This is a simple model you can use to PROFIT from your new marketplace site using Marketpresso without any effort 🙂

You get all the 3 BONUSES above (#4 to #6) if you get the OTO1 Unlimited Upgrade from my link here – GET THE OTO1 Unlimited Marketpresso Upgrade here.

(The above BONUSES are limited to the first 30 buyers)


Are there any other good upgrades Ankur?

Yes, I saw everything the Marketpresso team is offering and ONE of the upgrades really spoke to me, that is the AGENCY LICENSE to Marketpresso.

Here is what this does for you…

The Agency license allows you to go ONE LEVEL UP and actually BECOME a Freelance Marketplace like FIVERR – using the same business model and run a site that actually takes a small CUT from all the sellers that join your site and then go on a path similar to fiverr….the one that led Fiverr to make $75 MILLION from that small cut of 20% from every sale.

You get to decide how much you want to take per sale from your sellers.

You get to decide how many gigs they can launch.

You get to decide how many people you want to signup.

This is an incredible system and that is why I am so amazed that they are selling it at a ONE TIME PRICE at too such a low price. 

Here is a possibility for you with the Agency License of Marketpresso…

Even if you got a low number of 200 freelancers signed up on your site…

Each one of them makes about $1000 from your site every month – a low number.

If you take just 5% cut from their sales, you will make $50 per freelancer.

That means you can make 200 x $50 = $10,000 per month from your new Marketpresso Agency website.

$10,000 for not doing any work, just owning the platform that others use.

This is how Paypal makes money.

This is how Jvzoo makes money.

This is how Ebay makes money

And even Amazon makes money this way.

And you get to COPY this very successful business model using a Fiverr like site system.

How can you get this?


And when you get this from my link today….

MY BONUS : I’ll help you get new signups to your new Marketpresso Site.


BONUS #7 – I’ll help you get Facebook Ad credits worth $30 to $150* 

BONUS #8 – I’ll help you get Google Ad credits worth $25 to $100*

*amount of credit depends on your country

BONUS #9 – I’ll craft an ad campaign for your new site and help you run ads using your ad-credits to get new signups to your website. When new freelancers will signup to your site and start selling GIGS, you will make money. 🙂

(The above BONUSES are limited to the first 10 buyers only)

This way your new MARKETPLACE site comes ALIVE with new freelancers using it, promoting it automatically and making money for themselves and for you every day.

How can you get BONUSES #6 to #9 from me?


And then claim your bonuses listed above.


Step 1 – Get the Marketpresso Main Product Here & Get My Bonuses #1 to #3.

Step 2 – Upgrade to MarketPresso Unlimited Here & Get Bonuses #4 to #6

Step 3 – Upgrade to MarketPresso Agency here and get Bonuses #7 to #9

IMPORTANT – When you order the main product or any upgrades make sure you see my AFFILIATE ID and name on the checkout page like this…




To claim your bonuses, please submit a ticket here with all your purchase receipts.