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You’ll get a lot of emails from many marketers about a new product called Listify.

They will offer you a ton of bonuses if you buy it from their links.

BUT – what they will not do is – DO THE WORK FOR YOU.

Yes – Listify is a new software that helps you build your list by offering wordpress plugins as free downloads.

It embeds an optin box inside the plugin so whoever installs it on their site is forced to signup to your list before they can activate the plugin.

That’s pretty smart and I really like the way they do it and this is something I have actually done when I released free plugins on WordPress – so I know THIS WORKS.

And that’s why I am recommending it to you today…

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I am actually going to buy traffic, buy solo ads and buy promotions FOR YOU and send all that traffic your way.

So you ACTUALLY get a REAL Email List once I am done with the campaign.

How cool is that?

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If you are in the first 50, I will email you back and let you know what I need to setup your traffic campaign for you. [ Status updates below ]

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Any questions, email copyankur@gmail.com and ask away 🙂


Ankur Shukla



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