Important Announcement about your OnePayHosting Account…

Hey – it’s Ankur here.

Over the last 4 years we have sold OnePayHosting to many of our customers.

Recently we came to know the company we partnered with for this is closing down their operations.

Therefore we have been trying to move all accounts to a new server.

It seems like the company is not allowing us to do that either.

So we have decided to get 3 brand new servers to host your sites

All these are Amazon servers and are going to cost us about $4500 per year.

We are going to setup brand new accounts for you on these servers…

Now the package you bought under OnePayHosting was most likely a 1GB package with 100 sites allowed.

We can transition you to the new servers under the same package at no extra cost.


Since we are incurring a lot of extra costs, we decided to put together an incredible one time upgrade offer for you.

You can convert your old 1GB Platinum OnePayHosting account to a 5GB Platinum hosting lifetime account for just a small fee.

This will give you 5X more space and 5X more bandwidth for your account.

And it will help us to cut down our costs for paying for the servers.

I hope that’s fair.

You can also choose to go Unlimited and we will give you Unlimited Space + Unlimited Bandwidth for Unlimited Sites.

We never had this unlimited option before because our previous hosting partners did not allow that.

But since these new servers are much bigger and better, we can do this for you.

So all you need to do is…

Go here to claim your New Lifetime Hosting Account with 5GB upgrade


Once you place your order – we will setup your accounts within 24hrs.

I hope this helps you get more out of the deal

and helps us serve you for the long run.



PS – if you decide that you just want the 1gb account as before, you can just submit a ticket with us here and claim a new account for yourself. Make sure you mention that you are claiming the 1GB account.

I do highly recommend upgrading to the 5GB package at least so you get more space and we can sustainably serve you for the long term.