Make $500 per Sale from Webinars + My Amazing Webinar BONUS for You…

Please read this post from top to bottom because today I’m giving you my unreleased training and I’m actually going to show you how to setup a webinar that will force you to make $500 PER SALE…

Now read this post from top to bottom, it is going to help you a lot…

Today you’re going to get several emails from people promoting an autowebinar solution called Webbyo (also does LIVE webinars for you)…

In short, Webbyo allows you to run high ticket Webinars that can pay you anywhere from $500 to $1000 per sale…at a ONE TIME PRICE. 

Now you can see all the features of Webbyo HERE or I will also put them below in my post but what I really want to tell you about are the BONUSES that I have put together for you.

You’ll get these ONLY from me because no one else can offer this to you.

Other affiliates will throw lots of software apps or PLR bonuses or training courses at you to try and make you buy from them but no one will actually help you put together something you can actually USE WITH WEBBYO.

That’s exactly what I have done for you here. I’ve actually SOLVED the biggest problem / obstacle that you might have with webinars and made it EASY for you to profit from webinars without doing any of the hard work yourself.

Webinars are a great way to make HIGH Ticket sales online and that’s what I’ve been doing with them. In the last 1 year I have generated over $134,000 in NET PROFIT using Webinars.

Here’s the proof…

Now what if you could create A PROVEN WEBINAR and get paid

$500 to $1000 PER SALE from it?

Yes – that is my BONUS #1 for you.

The hardest part is putting together a high ticket offer that you can sell.

Next is DELIVERING on the offer and making sure your customers are happy.

High ticket offers need a lot of work and today I’m going to do all that for you.

So my FIRST BONUS for you is…

I’ll show you exactly how to use Webbyo and setup a Webinar offer – once you set it up, you can just let the webinar run on its own and watch the sales come in using Webbyo. $1000 per sale or even $500 per sale is GOOD a income to have 🙂



SECOND – comes the learning part. Running LIVE webinars is a must have skill for any marketer and if you can do that, you are going to make a lot of money.

There are plenty of courses on how to run webinars.

One of the best ones is from Russell Brunson called the “PERFECT Webinar”


It’s a HUGE training that anyone needs to spend hours going through.

I have gone through it many times and made my own SPECIAL NOTES and even made a SHORTER version of it – I’m going to GIVE YOU that as my SECOND BONUS – so you can learn fast and implement even faster. Normally this will cost you $297 to buy.

But my version of this training cuts through all the BS and gives you the REAL thing so you can start creating your own webinar with the least amount of effort.

Get My BONUS today with Webbyo – order from my link.


Next – the hardest thing for me when it comes to webinars is moving from the Content of the webinar to the PITCH and then trying to SELL / CLOSE SALES on the Live webinar.

It took me a lot of learning – attending other people’s webinars for HOURS.

Buying people drinks at bars and asking for their secrets / closing methods.

Buying high ticket trainings to learn how to improve my sales.

Several thousand dollars in high value courses….

…to learn how to CLOSE BIG SALES on webinars.

In Dec 2019 I sat down and wrote down everything I learnt in the ENTIRE YEAR and created my own PREMIUM TRAINING that consists of the 25 BEST CLOSING techniques that I have seen people use – that work really well.

I’ve not yet released this and you will be the FIRST ONE to get this before anyone else. 

I’ve personally used all the methods I wrote down, tested them myself and they work amazingly well if you want to CLOSE webinar sales really really well.

No wonder I was able to make $134K in sales from my own webinar.

And these are just from ONE webinar.

When I launch this training, it will be sold for no less than $497 on a webinar 🙂

And you will get my SECRET – Unreleased Webinar Closing Techniques Training TODAY as my BONUS #3 without paying me anything for it.

Sounds good?

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Yes – once the first 50 people claim these bonuses, they will be GONE.

So hurry up and take action now.

I will post updates here every few hours about how many copies are left.



  • You will get to learn how to setup an Autowebinar that runs on autopilot and pays you $500 per sale. You can make unlimited sales with this system.
  • Just 10 sales can make you $5000 from one webinar offer. Are you good with that?
  • You will get my PERFECT WEBINAR Notes + Video Training – Never released before nor do I ever intend to sell this. Only you will get this.
  • You will get my 25 WEBINAR CLOSING TECHNIQUES Training – never released before. Selling price will be $497 when I release this.

Here is what you need to do next….

Step 1 – Get Webbyo from my Link Here 

Step 2 – Email your receipts to to claim your bonus.

Any questions? email me at and I will reply asap.



Ankur Shukla