Introducing AskMolly – Your AI Powered Friend & Assistant on WhatsApp

These days, people are using AI in everything.

From an AI enabled popcorn maker

to an AI powered shower that knows how hot you like it.

AI is entering our lives in many ways.

Today, I want to give you early access to an AI Assistant who is your friend.

A friend you can message every day, ask for help and ask for advice.

In today’s world, we are all a lot more connected but yet somehow lonely.

Molly is here to be your friend, your guide & your assistant too, all in one.



Over the last few days, we have been using Molly for a lot of things…

We ask Molly to write a story we can tell our kids every night.

We ask Molly for suggestions on travel plans.


We ask Molly for instant recipes without having to go through 20 search results on Google.


We ask Molly to write quick replies for emails, witty messages to friends or even cool birthday messages for friends and family members.


We ask Molly for health and food related recommendations and restrictions.

or if you need help for work related tasks…

I often use Molly when I am at a client’s place to get new ideas

or in a meeting and I want to stand out and shine.

You can get marketing ideas, business plans, email ideas, write emails or even powerpoint slide outlines with Molly…



And the best use for me personally is…

I use Molly for quick book summaries that help me read a gist of the book very quickly during my morning routine…



Basically – we ask Molly about a lot of things in our everyday life.

And every single time we get a very helpful reply.

The best part is…

Molly is not another app that you need to install on your phone.

She’s a new Friend you add as a contact on WhatsApp

and just start talking to her like you do with any other friend.

So there is nothing to install.

Just add Molly to your contacts and start talking.

Ask Unlimited Questions, get Unlimited Answers.


We have just opened up Beta Access to Molly.

And you can start using it for FREE TODAY.

All you need to do is…

Click the button below to get started.

You can Ask Molly any question.

Get Unlimited Answers almost Instantly.

Use it for FREE for 7 days, then its less than 20 cents per day if you continue.

Do not add Molly to any WhatsApp groups, that is not the appropriate use of it.

This is early beta pricing only for the first 50 users and the price will go up for other users who signup after that. But you will always be locked in at the current price and we will never charge you more. That is my promise to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here