Passive Income with Adsense in 2020 + My 48 Niche Reports for You

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If anyone asked me how I made my first dollar online, I would say ADSENSE.

That’s right – I am one of those guys who started building micro niche adsense sites back in 2006 and got really good at it – made a lot of money.

Since then, I’ve created, bought and sold many adsense sites and I strongly believe it is one of the easiest ways to make money online for anyone who has basic internet knowledge.

Now couple years ago I met Anirudh in Dubai and he showed me how he was making $2000 per month from Adsense from just ONE single site.

I wanted to make sure it was scalable and repeatable so I asked him to show me his exact method and I tried to duplicate it… and it worked.

In my first month we made over $2500 from a tiny little website we made.

Since then, I’ve coached Anirudh in many things, product creation being one.

And today he’s released one of his brilliant products that will help you make money in 2020 – especially if you are interested in passive income, this is for you…

it’s called ADSENSE LAB – preview the page here

It is a combination of training + software that can help you get results like this…

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BUT read it, learn from it and follow through on it – thats the only way to get results.

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Over the last 10 years that I’ve built many adsense sites…

And there is ONE important thing I’ve learnt…

The KEY to making money with Adsense from any website is to PICK THE RIGHT NICHE – go after the right keywords and you can be guaranteed success.

Now I often find myself researching & digging up new niches and since I don’t have a lot of time to use them all to build my sites, I pick some of them and build sites but I never take action on the rest.

So I created an Adsense Niche Reports Club where members pay $27/mo to get access to 4 detailed niche reports (each report is 35 pages) and that talks about how you can make money in that niche, what type of sites to build, what keywords to go after etc etc.

Over the course of one year, members pay $27 x 12 = $324 to access 48 niche reports.

Thats 48 x 35 = 1680 pages of content that my team creates every year.

Now if you wanted access to this GOLD of information, you would have to pay $324 to get it or spend more than 200 hours doing it yourself.

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AND you will get 48 NICHE REPORTS from me with detailed info on each niche that is designed to make you money in that niche.

So both these things combined is YOUR KEY to SUCCESS in 2020

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Ankur Shukla