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Important – All proceeds from this promotion will be DONATED to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for COVID19.

A few days ago I got early access to Brett’s new 300 per day software + full training.

I actually spent 2 hours going through his entire training.

He actually takes you from ZERO and shows you how to build a list, how to get traffic and how to make commissions and sales from using his software + autoresponder + bonus page builder system that you get today – all in one software.

In a time where the future is uncertain, I highly recommend going through this training and using Brett’s software to start earning commissions as an affiliate.

I cannot say you will make 300 per day – you might make more or you might make less.

But even if you start making 100 per day – it will help you a lot in getting things moving.

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I have done VERY well with my online business with over 30 six-figure launches.

I am confident I can add value and help you.

I am not going to give you another software as bonus because you don’t need it.

What you need is guidance and motivation and that’s why my BONUS is a consultation call with me, personally.

I have NEVER done this before – never as a bonus.

I have charged more than $300 in the past for such calls with my students and charged thousands for coaching.

BUT today, I feel the world needs help and what I can help you with what I know and what I have successfully done.

So this is a $300 VALUE bonus, you get a 30 minute call with me to ask about anything.

That is my BONUS GIFT to you – just buy Brett’s 300 per day system.

Also – All proceeds from this promotion will be DONATED to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for COVID19

So, this is not for me but for thousands of others who are suffering today without food and shelter.

I am also going to personally MATCH the donation of whatever commissions I make from this promo so it will be a double donation from me.

Get Brett’s 300 per day system and lets change your life and help many others in these difficult times.

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