Passive Income with Adsense in 2020 + My 48 Niche Reports for You

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If anyone asked me how I made my first dollar online, I would say ADSENSE.

That’s right – I am one of those guys who started building micro niche adsense sites back in 2006 and got really good at it – made a lot of money.

Since then, I’ve created, bought and sold many adsense sites and I strongly believe it is one of the easiest ways to make money online for anyone who has basic internet knowledge.

Now couple years ago I met Anirudh in Dubai and he showed me how he was making $2000 per month from Adsense from just ONE single site.

I wanted to make sure it was scalable and repeatable so I asked him to show me his exact method and I tried to duplicate it… and it worked.

In my first month I made over $500 from a tiny little website we made.

Since then, I’ve coached Anirudh in many things, product creation being one.

And today he’s released one of his brilliant products that will help you make money in 2020 – especially if you are interested in passive income, this is for you…

it’s called ADSENSE LAB – preview the page here

Its a combination of training + software that can help you get results like this…

If you are interested in income like the above screenshot, I recommend you to get Adsense Lab today from my link.

And not just get it.

BUT read it, learn from it and follow through on it – thats the only way to get results.

Now here’s why you need to buy from my link today…

Over the last 10 years that I’ve built many adsense sites…

And there is ONE important thing I’ve learnt…

The KEY to making money with Adsense from any website is to PICK THE RIGHT NICHE – go after the right keywords and you can be guaranteed success.

Now I often find myself researching & digging up new niches and since I don’t have a lot of time to use them all to build my sites, I pick some of them and build sites but I never take action on the rest.

So I created an Adsense Niche Reports Club where members pay $27/mo to get access to 4 detailed niche reports (each report is 35 pages) and that talks about how you can make money in that niche, what type of sites to build, what keywords to go after etc etc.

Over the course of one year, members pay $27 x 12 = $324 to access 48 niche reports.

Thats 48 x 35 = 1680 pages of content that my team creates every year.

Now if you wanted access to this GOLD of information, you would have to pay $324 to get it or spend more than 200 hours doing it yourself.

BUT TODAY – you can get ONE YEAR of access to my niche reports by simply buying Adsense Lab from my link – GO HERE ( use coupon code Ankur19 )

And you’ll get amazing training + software from Anirudh on how to create Adsense sites in 2020 and make money from them, build a passive income

AND you will get 48 NICHE REPORTS from me with detailed info on each niche that is designed to make you money in that niche.

So both these things combined is YOUR KEY to SUCCESS in 2020

All you have to do is…

Step 1 – Get Adsense Lab from here

Since Anirudh is my student, he gave me a coupon code that will give you $19 off the price today. Use the coupon code ANKUR19 – this will expire today at midnight.

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It’s that simple.

Now all these niches are VERY LUCRATIVE and so I would like to have people to not have a lot of competition in them.

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Ankur Shukla

Copy TWO 50k/mo Affiliates + My 6-Figure Affiliate BONUS

Mosh and Jason are two very successful affiliate marketers…

They promote offers and run campaigns that generate $50,000 EVERY MONTH

That’s right… 50K per month.

Most people don’t even make that much in a year.

So there’s definitely a lot you can learn from these two super affiliates.

Now there’s something special they’ve just released today…

It’s called DFY PROFITZ – a new done for you affiliate system…

They’re giving you 30 done for you CAMPAIGNS that you can copy paste and start earning commissions – without having to create anything from scratch.

ALL DONE FOR YOU – full hosted, all the graphics and offer bonuses etc all done for you

All you have to do is login, grab your link and they even give you viral traffic to help you make sales.

Now if you know anything about me, I’m a pretty successful marketer that does a good job promoting offers.

And I have made $100,000+ using my own affiliate campaigns…


SO as my SPECIAL BONUS TO YOU, I’ll give you this exclusive bonus…

You’ll get my 6-figure emails that have made me $100k+ in commissions in 2019

and you can copy them, edit them, add your own name and use them to make money yourself.

These are 20 CAMPAIGNS that you get on top of the 30 campaigns Mosh and Jason will give you.

So you get a total of 50 Campaigns today.

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Get My VoiceMailPro Agency for FREE TODAY – For The First 50 People Only

I’ve created an amazing voicemail software called VoiceMail Pro that adds Voicemail to any website.

You DO NOT have to buy it because I am giving it to you for FREE TODAY.

Read this first…

I’ve also made a special AGENCY license that allows anyone to sell VoiceMail accounts for PR0FIT to other website owners & charge them any amount you want for it.

I’ve NEVER given this as a BONUS – never ever.

I actually sell this for $297 right now – that’s the real selling price on my sales page.

But today, for the FIRST TIME ever, I’ll be giving this to 50 people for FREE

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How can you get this from me for FREE?

Here are 2 steps…

All you have to do is get this software called VoiceBuddy
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So by doing this you get TWO amazing products…

VoiceBuddy – converts any text into natural voices for using anywhere.

My VoicemailPro – adds voicemail to any website for unlimited voicemails.

All you have to do is get VoiceBuddy + OTO1 Upgrade from my link.

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New AUTORESPONDER Sends 1 Million Emails + My 12 Apps You Can SELL Now [ ONLY 3 Spots Left – Hurry]

[Details about my FREE 12 MailvioApps are below in this blog post]

Mailvio is a world-class autoresponder that just opened its doors for you at a price every marketer can afford. Best of all – without any recurring costs 🙂

I have tested this for over 2 weeks.

And I have been using Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign & many other services over the last 2 years.

This one is BETTER than them in many ways…

The #1 thing I like about Mailvio is that it’s Affiliate marketing friendly so you won’t get kicked off for promoting offers. (other services kick you out, trust me, I know)

I found a lot of amazing things that this new Autoresponder can do.

And some things I expected a new autoresponder SHOULD do
given we are in 2019 and going into 2020…

But don’t worry. I brought you the solution too.

I decided to make a new product called MAILVIO APPS just for you
so that makes the whole Mailvio system complete.

And I am giving it to YOU as a FREE UPGRADE – All 12 Apps for FREE.

People who do not get the MailvioApps will have an incomplete package

But not you.

Because you will get my 12 MailvioApps FREE UPGRADE 🙂   (details below)


[+] Unlimited Contacts and Unlimited Lists
[+] Built-in SMTP for Fast Email Sending
[+] 1,000,000 Email Credits
[+] Pre-made Email Templates
[+] Drag and Drop Email Builder
[+] A/B Campaign Testing
[+] Built-In Variety of Email Previews
[+] Deep Email Segmentation
[+] Email Workflows and Customer Journeys
[+] Advanced Segmentation
[+] Built-In Optin Forms
[+] Manage Multiple Email Senders (perfect for client work)
[+] Manage Multiple Email list folders (perfect for client work)
[+] Detailed reporting and analytics + Mobile Preview

Autoresponders like Getresponse, Mailchimp, Activecampaign,
Aweber and many others charge you $1000s per year for lesser features

But here’s why Mailvio is lighter on your pocket with better features…

Why spend all that when you can grab Mailvio at this launch special price.

BE THE FIRST TO GET THIS + My 12 Special MailvioApps Only for YOU

YES I’ve created 12 special Email Apps that you can use with Mailvio

This is the MailvioAppsSuite that you can use for unlimited emails.

This BONUS is something you cannot get anywhere.

I made these 12 APPS FOR YOU. These are guaranteed to get you more clicks, more opens & more sales / more money from your emails…


MailvioApp #1 – Headline / Good Subject Line Generator App
Create amazing blog headlines or email subject lines for more clicks & more opens.
You can use this with Mailvio for the highest open rates.

Mailvio App #2 – Email Formatter App
Emails get read if you format them correctly. If it is messed up, you will lose the interest of your readers – this app does the perfect formatting for any email and gets you results.

MailvioApp #3 – Spammy Subject Checker App
If you email subject is spammy you email will end up in the spam folder, getting you no results and no clicks. You can use this app to check before you send another email.

MailvioApp #4 – Spam Words Checker App
Many times, without really knowing about it you might put words in your email that will make gmail or hotmail think its spammy – this app will tell you what words you should change and avoid the spam box & get more clicks – very very useful.

MailvioApp #5 – Email Countdown App
Insert scarcity and urgency into your emails with a LIVE ticking counter that ticks inside the email you send out – this is an amazing app that will 10x your results from emails.

MailvioApp #6 – Gmail Preview App
Gmail is the most popular email program with over a billion users. If you are sending out an email it helps to LOOK at a PREVIEW of how it will look on desktop and mobile devices & optimize for it to get more open and clicks.

MailvioApp #7 – Email List Cleaner App
Bad emails on your list can affect your delivery. There are many paid list cleaning services that charge a lot of clean your list, this app is no extra fees and works just as good. Clean your list with this and have better delivery, more traffic from email & more sales.

MailvioApp #8 – Email Magic App
This is one of my favorite apps – this app will dynamically insert the NAME of your reader into an IMAGE so they will see it on a Tshirt or a coupon code or a greeting card, makes a great impression and people like FRANK KERN use this technique to 10x their email.

MailvioApp #9 – Spam Score for Email App
It is very important to avoid having your email land in the spam folder. That’s why we use a smart technology to determine if you email will end up there – this app does just that and tells you BEFORE you even send you email if it will go into spam so you can fix it.

MailvioApp #10 – Email Emoji App
EMOJI 🙂 gives you higher opens on your emails yet many autoresponders do not have a way to add emoji to your subject lines, Mailvio does not have this feature thats why this app is perfect to add Emoji to your subject lines and get higher opens.

MailvioApp #11 – Disposable Email Checker App
Many people will put a fake disposable email in your optin page just to get your freebie gift. That messes up your delivery so its important to remove them from your list. This app does exactly that, gets rid of the fake emails so you have better delivery.

MailvioApp #12 – Email Ideas App
Want more ideas about subject lines and topics to write in your email, enter one keyword and you’ll get 50 different ideas for your emails 🙂 very useful app.

I have made over $100K this year by sending out emails for various products. These promotions have been very profitable. Once you get Mailvio, you will need to promote offer to make money – I’ll give you the EXACT emails I sent out that made me $100K in affiliate income so you can copy them and make more money 🙂

This is a VERY Valuable BONUS – only for the first 25 people who claim this.

These 12 APPS are perfect for any online marketer using email marketing.

If they had added these INSIDE Mailvio it would be soooo much better.

And that’s why I CREATED THEM FOR YOU so you can 10x your email marketing.

Only people who buy from MY LINK on this page will get all the 12 Apps TODAY.

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I’ve spent over $1500 in developing these 12 Apps for you.

If you take action FAST and be one of the first 10 people to claim this bonus, I’ll give you the RESELLER + WHITELABEL license to my 12 Mailvio Apps – you will be able to use them for your clients, create unlimited client accounts on the MailvioApps system and even rebrand the system to your own brand by adding your logo.

You can charge any amount you want for these, $99 to $997 one time or even monthly or yearly, its completely upto you – make more money from my 12 Apps and profit 🙂

It would cost you anywhere between $1500 to $2500 if you got all these apps developed yourself. But not today – you can get them all by just getting a Mailvio account now.

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====== CONCLUSION =======

Email marketing gives the BEST ROI when it comes to $$ spent.

FACT – every $1 spent on email marketing brings back $34

Every other autoresponder out there is EXPENSIVE.

It’s tieing you into recurring – charging you for LEADS and CONTACTS.

Mailvio is different, better delivery and amazing features for a ONE time price.

Partnered with a real 8-figure email marketing company that has their back.

This LAUNCH SPECIAL PRICE is a great time to get your access along with my 12 MailvioApps that will help you get MORE results out of every email you send.

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Other marketers are going to give you standard bonuses that may not have much to do with the actual product itself.

So take action now because…

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Get 10,000 REAL Visitors to Your Site from Facebook without any Ad Campaigns…

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TRAFFIC is the #1 problem with anyone who has a website.

Cindy Donovan recently showed me her new platform that gets REAL visitors from Facebook to your site – it was too good to be true.

So I tested it out – following all the steps inside the app.

And did it work?

Here’s my result from the first 2 days of testing…

Now that’s 600+ clicks I got for FREE and they came from FACEBOOK & other social sites – real people & real visitors. 

And all this traffic is FULLY TRACKABLE – you can verify it very easily.

You get this without having to run paid ads, without spamming inside groups or creating any viral content that is “supposed to go viral and get you traffic”.

I know you want to know what this is..

It’s called TRAFFIC IVY – check it out here.

This is actually not a software but it is a PLATFORM.

It has THOUSANDS of users who will share your content on their social profiles in order to earn points.

When you buy access to Traffic Ivy, you get 10,000 points in your account – that means you can get 10,000 real visitors to your website or offer pages.

If you want more points, you can get them in 2 ways…

#1 – Simply earn them by sharing other people’s content on your pages.

#2 – You can just buy more points from inside your account for a discount.

Now, I know REAL traffic is what you are after.

No one wants cheap, fake traffic.

And I want you to have as much traffic as you want.

That is why I highly recommend you get Traffic Ivy – it’s perfect to get Real traffic.

Get REAL traffic from REAL people who will actually visit your sites / spend time on your sites.

With FULL Training available inside the software so you know exactly how to scale this.

And to put a nice big red cherry on top, I have my special BONUS for you today…

I have my own traffic systems and funnels that bring me traffic, more than 3000 clicks every day to my websites…

This is a screenshot from my vendor account where I drive all my traffic to & make sales…

That’s over 3000 CLICKS I sent to my offers and that generated $500+ in sales for me from my various offers, products and funnels. And this is just ONE account.

Imagine you can do the same every single day.

So here’s what I’m going to do for you…

When you get TRAFFIC IVY from my link on this page, I’ll give you an extra 2000 VISITORS to your website pages or offers for FREE. 

These are REAL visitors that I will send to your website – just like I do for my own sites.

All you have to do is tell me where to send this traffic – send me a URL – that’s all.

And over the next few days you will see more than 2000 visitors come to you from MY SITE – and you can get another 10000 more using traffic IVY 🙂

How does that sound?

So all you have to do is…

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Get UNLIMITED Google Traffic & Make Sales Like This…

TRAFFIC is the life and blood of any website.

Get the right kind of traffic from the right sources and you can make sales like this…

That’s over $1650 generated in SALES by spending just under $320 in traffic.

Want to know how you can do that?

Here’s the backstory of how these sales happened…

Few days ago I went to marketing event in Goa.

There I made a new friend – David Cassar and we talked a lot about marketing, sales and ways to drive traffic to our websites.

30 minutes into our chat and I learnt this guy has generated over $4 million in sales using Google ads traffic spending VERY LITTLE on getting clicks.

Another hour into our conversation, I learnt that he has actually made everything into a PROCESS of how he drives traffic from Google ads to his sites & offers.

Not just that, he has also turned his PROCESS into a SOFTWARE that generates thousands of “high click and converting ads” that you can use on Google, Bing and Yahoo to drive traffic to your sites at dirt cheap prices.

I went ahead and found his software on the internet.

I went to his sales page and bought it at full price.

Next – I spent the next couple hours TESTING IT.


The sales kept coming…

All I had to do was use his software to churn out more ads and keep them going.

Next day I met him again and CONGRATULATED HIM.

We even took a selfie – I was so impressed with his software…

David’s software + Training is called PPC Kit.

He normally sells it for $97/mo

BUT over the course of the week I spent at the event in Goa.

I met David a few times and convinced him to offer an AMAZING DEAL to my customers.

So he agreed to drop the price – BY A LOT.


This is by far one of the best products to drive traffic from Google / Bing to your site.

I have actually put this to a REAL TEST.

And that’s why I can actually endorse it and recommend it to you.

If you want to drive REAL TRAFFIC from Google that actually converts and makes you sales like this…



This is a REAL solution to your traffic problems.

Drive traffic to any website

Use it for CLIENT SITES or your own sites.

This helps you Make REAL money from REAL Targeted traffic.

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Ankur Shukla







[GET REAL TRAFFIC] 1000 New Visitors to Your Site, Here’s How You Can Get it…

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Before I talk about a brand new product that I have tested today let me ask you…

Would getting 1000 REAL VISITORS to one of your websites really HELP YOU?

If yes – then this is perfect and you need to read this page from top to bottom…

My friends Venkata and Mark Bishop have created a new software called ARVO that claims to get you TOP VIDEO RANKINGS in just a few hours and not just that but the final result is that it also gets you lots of FREE Traffic.

Now that is a bold claim and I decided to test it…

And during my tests, I noticed they used a UNIQUE TWIST on video marketing that forces Google to put their videos on the top spots – on and both.

And you don’t even need to create a video but you can use any FREE VIDEO from anywhere and force these sites to send traffic your way.

This is shocking but this is TRUE and it actually works.

I bought a brand new domain, setup a NEW site and tested ARVO on it.

Here is MY RESULT from using ARVO on a brand new site…

This got me MORE THAN 1000 unique visitors FOR FREE on my brand new site.




1000+ Visitors THAT I GOT USING ARVO – damn!! this actually works.

And that’s why I decided to email you today and tell you about this software.

If you follow the training exactly – this will work for you

If you want FREE TRAFFIC from Google and Youtube – YOU SHOULD GET THIS.


When you buy Arvo from my link today, I am going to GUARANTEE YOU TRAFFIC.

I know in the past you may have bought products that did not work.

They did not give you the results that you saw on the sales page.

So today, let me GUARANTEE YOU – whether Arvo works or not…

I’ll send you 1000 REAL VISITORS to your site, sales page or landing page.

Anywhere you want, any offer you want. I will send you traffic when you get ARVO from my link today.

Whether you USE Arvo or not, you WILL GET this traffic from ME.

That is my GUARANTEE to you.

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This actually WORKS – I tested it, it worked for me and I am sure it will for you too.

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[Listify Review] Exclusive BONUS – Let me BUILD YOUR LIST for you…

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You’ll get a lot of emails from many marketers about a new product called Listify.

They will offer you a ton of bonuses if you buy it from their links.

BUT – what they will not do is – DO THE WORK FOR YOU.

Yes – Listify is a new software that helps you build your list by offering wordpress plugins as free downloads.

It embeds an optin box inside the plugin so whoever installs it on their site is forced to signup to your list before they can activate the plugin.

That’s pretty smart and I really like the way they do it and this is something I have actually done when I released free plugins on WordPress – so I know THIS WORKS.

And that’s why I am recommending it to you today…

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A Real Email list of 100+ real subscribers, YOUR FIRST LIST – for free.

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In less than 30 days, you will have an email list built for you with 100+ subscribers.

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I am actually going to buy traffic, buy solo ads and buy promotions FOR YOU and send all that traffic your way.

So you ACTUALLY get a REAL Email List once I am done with the campaign.

How cool is that?

I bet no one else will do this for you.


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Ankur Shukla



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